I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to The Protector Launch Party hosted by Jodi Ellen Malpas and her publishers Orion Publishing Group. So on Saturday 13th August I made three hour journey to Northampton and got glammed up ready to party along with around 300 others!

The event was held at The Pictodrome, brilliantly organised and the atmosphere was electric. Jodi (who looked stunning by the way) patiently stood and had her photo taken with one and all and made every single person (at least half I would imagine were complete strangers!) feel as if they were her best friend….so much so that I told her she had amazing boobs…that’s how at ease she made me feel in my fangirl moment!

2016-08-13 20.26.48

Jodi’s speech was beautiful and the trailer for the new book…..dramatic,visually stunning, knee knockingly fantastic! The atmosphere in the room as it played suddenly became charged! I’m actually surprised that no one threw their knickers onto the stage! We spent the rest of the evening rocking out to Whiteroom who were an amazingly talented band. We were able to leave that night with a gorgeous little goody bag full of bookmarks, This Man goodies and most excitingly…..a signed copy of The Protector which I have just finished reading! ARC review to follow asap.

Enjoy the trailer for the latest book below! And get ready to cool yourself down!